On the first of every month, a new theme will be released, centering around a struggle that the planet and its inhabitants are facing, and what we can do to fix it.

Each month, a winner and a runner up will be selected, and their fiction/ stories/ poems/ climate essays will be published on the website. These winning stories will also be published in an Anthology at the start of the following year. Writing may be presented in any style, Fantasy, Realism, Theatrical Drama etc, be set in Past, Present, or Future, (unless the given theme of the month states otherwise) and particularly welcomes characters from underrepresented backgrounds of Disability, BAME, LGTBQ and all other walks of life. 

Each theme will be accompanied on the website by links to articles and information about the chosen topic so that people can learn and inspire others to educate themselves. 

It will be £4 per month to enter. Half of the proceeds will go to the chosen charity for the trimester. The other half of the entry fee will go into a pot which will be put towards the publication of the winning stories in Feb 2022. The proceeds from the Anthology and the Book Launch will also be put back into saving the environment, making this a completely Not-for-Profit venture aimed solely at saving our world.  

All submissions will be judged anonymously.

1st of every month, we release the theme, and the winners of the previous month. 
25th of every month is the closing date.

April: Coral Reefs

Many thanks for our wonderful submissions last month, we had some great entries with some really creative interpretations on the topic of plastics. For the last of our sea-themed writing in honour of Oceana, our chosen charity this trimester, April’s concept is Coral Reefs. We’d love to hear some experiences of deep dives among coralContinue reading “April: Coral Reefs”

March Second Place

Our second favourite entry is awarded to Sul-Guöd – congratulations! Recycle me a plastic heart – Sal-Guöd ‘Abigail is all tucked in’ Liam said, softly sliding the bedroom door closed. ‘After all that time in the hospital, she still does that thing when she pretends to be asleep’ he smiled ‘and as soon as IContinue reading “March Second Place”

March Winner Announced

Our top entry for the Plastics competition goes to Naomi Potter – Congratulations! The Cleaners – By Naomi Potter “Do you know why they call it plastic surgery?”Rose glanced at him. They were both leaning against the railing. She was relaxed, knees and ankles loose, adjusting with ease to the dip and rock of theContinue reading “March Winner Announced”

March: Plastics

We are off to a great start here at Those That Breathe, with some wonderfully creative entries for our Dystopian Futures last month. And not only did we receive some brilliant reads, we also received the entry fees that will go to a great charity. Over the next few days, we will be sending outContinue reading “March: Plastics”

February Second Place

Our second favourite entry is awarded to Richard Owen – congratulations! Legacies – By Richard Owen If there was anything they’d overlooked, they could always override the computer. They lacked the imagination to see the world as it would become, so they assumed that things would be broadly as they were at the time.  TheContinue reading “February Second Place”

February Winner Announced

Our top entry for the Dystopian Futures category goes to Ellisif Wasmuth – congratulations! To the stars – By Ellisif Wasmuth Before,when I looked up at night,I would see a foreign world.A space of silent wonders,expanding and colliding and exploding and swirling,before us.Apart, and beautifulonly for us.Cold and vast,the rest of the universewas alien. ButContinue reading “February Winner Announced”

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