Oceana and its Allies work in all areas of ocean protection, from stopping harmful tourism around coral reefs, regulating fishing overfishing of endangered fish species, to challenging governments on their use of harmful plastics. With reach in several countries around the globe, they are the largest organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation and protecting all marine life.

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Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife are committed to preserving our biodiversity in all of its abundance, campaigning to protect all manner of endangered species across the world, and prevent further disruption of their habitats. Their efforts include policy advocacy, field conservation, breeding programmes and innovative studies that have given countless insights to protect the creatures of this globe who don’t have a voice to protect themselves.

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Rainforest Alliance

You may recognise the Rainforest Alliance stamp from many of the food products you consume. This organisation is dedicated to ensuring safe and sustainable products to our world, in order to prevent the devastation affects of deforestation. They also work to educate and aid famers and tradesmen in remote areas of the world to make sure that both the people and the planet are benefitting from the wonderful, yet limited resources of our wild world.

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