February Winner Announced

Our top entry for the Dystopian Futures category goes to Ellisif Wasmuth – congratulations! To the stars – By Ellisif Wasmuth Before,when I looked up at night,I would see a foreign world.A space of silent wonders,expanding and colliding and exploding and swirling,before us.Apart, and beautifulonly for us.Cold and vast,the rest of the universewas alien. ButContinue reading “February Winner Announced”

February – Dystopian Futures

This first months competition is a good chance to warm up to the themes to come, and get our writing muscles flexing for a good cause. For our first submissions, we are looking for all things Dystopian. We want your tales of what the world might look like if Climate Change continues on it’s currentContinue reading “February – Dystopian Futures”