September Runner-Up

Congratulations to our second prize for the Rainforest theme Kay Inckle! Rainforests Pamper Day by Kay Inckle “Welcome to rainforests,” the usher greets me as the doors slide open. She is wearing a charcoal grey tunic with matching pants and each wrist is adorned with a yellow and blue beadwork bracelet that match a larger piece around her neck. I notice similar items displayed in a cabinet of indigenousContinue reading “September Runner-Up”

September Winner Announced

Congratulations to our first place this month – Bryan Thomas! Nature Trail By Bryan Thomas ‘I particularly want you to note the changes in the vegetation as we descend the slope,’ Mr Loukes, the Headmaster, said. ‘Although we shall be dropping only five thousand feet, you will see everything from conifers up here to bamboos and fully tropical forests at the foot. Think aboutContinue reading “September Winner Announced”

August Winner Announced

Our first place story for the Natural Disasters theme of August is Eóin Daedrik – congratulations! The Stopping – By Eóin Daedrik The Stopping is probably one of the easiest disasters in human history to pinpoint to the exact second when it occurred. At Craigmalloch, my current place of residence that teaters on the edgeContinue reading “August Winner Announced”

July Winner Announced

Our first place award for the Adaptations of Survival category this July goes to Tabitha Lanyon – Congratulations! The Growing by Tabitha Lanyon Come kneel at the shore, child. Come write your mild prophecies on the border, mired among strange and restless scrap shackles screaming like paper chains from the houses on the cliffsides. CliffContinue reading “July Winner Announced”

July Theme Announced

We absolutely loved the submissions from June, featuring our first script, which we think would make an amazing and memorable advert on TV, and some superb poetry too. Having read your wonderful creative interpretations from last month, we are really excited toannounce the theme for July – Adaptations for Survival! Now this one has aContinue reading “July Theme Announced”