All manner of things breathe. Whether it’s the wind rustling through the trees, carrying the whispers of the world, or the oceans creating pools of oxygen in the dark depths where no one is watching. The trees, the animals, the people. And without this breath of life that we call our home, we too would be unable to survive.  

Now, more than ever, those that breathe in this world are in danger. The air is being polluted, the trees that clean it are being cut down, and the oceans are being filled with pollutants that will linger through all of the generations to come. And we choose to use the breaths in our bodies to do something about it.

For those of us who write, our breath turns into words, and our words turn into stories that richochet throughout the history that has come before us, and the future that lies ahead.

Here at Those That Breathe, we believe that stories are powerful, and that they can inspire change. With the growing Climate Crisis, it is time to start using our words to help heal the planet. 

“We can now destroy or we can cherish, the choice is ours.” 

Sir David Attenborough

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