October Theme Announced

Sorry once again for the delay in posting – the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, and we are almost at the ned of the Those That Breathe Journey!

A massive thank you to those who submitted to September’s competition, we had some wonderful entries, and were really impressed with our first and second place who took very different approaches but both highlighted the growing need for action.

Now to announce our final theme of the year:

Second Person Perspectives

The idea behind this one is that our authors can write about any of the themes we have chosen throughout the year so far, revisit their favourite category, or write about a completely different environmental topic altogether – there are loads to choose from! The only rule for this month is that it has to be written in Second Person – meaning that instead of he/she/they or I, the pronoun must be You.

For our last month, let’s really inspire change by putting our readers directly into our stories!

Here’s a great example of a passage of writing written in Second Person:

If on a winter’s night a traveller

As it is our last month running Those That Breathe for 2021, we are setting a long deadline for Tuesday 30th November.

Happy Writing!

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