May: Animal Perspectives

Thank you to all those who submitted for our theme on Coral Reefs last month, we were very excited to receive our first creative article, and some beautifully tragic tales of corals that are crumbling under the weight of our humanity.

Now, as we enter into the second trimester of Those That Breathe, the proceeds of the next three months will be dedicated to our chosen charity Defenders of the Wild. For info on them and their cause, please see our charities page, with a link to their website attached.

With our chosen charity in mind, the theme for this month is Animal Perspectives. There’s only one rule with this one – it must be written form the point of view of an animal. It can be set in any landscape, any time period, and any animal (including ones that might not exist in our current world – strange alien species and dragons definitely count!)

For inspiration, here’s some ways in which climate change is having a negative impact on some of our most well known species:

6 Animals Affected by Climate Change

Godspeed on your writing journey!

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