March: Plastics

We are off to a great start here at Those That Breathe, with some wonderfully creative entries for our Dystopian Futures last month. And not only did we receive some brilliant reads, we also received the entry fees that will go to a great charity.

Over the next few days, we will be sending out some feedback for each of the entries with notes on what we loved, and notes for improvements.

But for now, we are excited to announce our theme for March:


In honour of our chosen charity for the trimester, Oceana, we are centering this month’s writing on issues that affect the ocean.

Although, as always, your stories don’t have to center specifically around ocean plastic, we love to see what interesting and unusual interpretations of the theme can come from within, be it a story about the origin of plastic in a small room in the 1800’s underneath a dim light bulb, or a futuristic vision of a colony who builds their houses from recycled plastic bottles.

We look forward to seeing the next round of submissions and have placed the following article about the plastics problem and the damage it is doing for information:

National Geographic

and this article to provide some innovative ideas about small changes we can make to help combat the crisis:

Oceanic Society

Happy Writing! 

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