February Winner Announced

Our top entry for the Dystopian Futures category goes to Ellisif Wasmuth – congratulations!

To the stars – By Ellisif Wasmuth

when I looked up at night,
I would see a foreign world.
A space of silent wonders,
expanding and colliding and exploding and swirling,
before us.
Apart, and beautiful
only for us.
Cold and vast,
the rest of the universe
was alien.

But now,
I look up
as from a ship nearing shore,
and see our future.
Soon, our difference erased,
we will blend in, invisible.
That aberrant burst of life and creation,
our poetry and telescopes
and the playful youth of the yellow-necked mouse,
Our final act,
to make the Earth
blend in again.
To give our planet back.

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